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Finance Home Costs

by Jared White on Nov 29, 2018

There’s nothing more exciting than buying your first home. Whether it’s a condo for one, a sprawling mansion, or anything in between, buying your first home makes you feel like a true grown-up.

While you’ve probably already figured out exactly how much home you can afford, which is something your mortgage broker will communicate to you fairly quickly during the mortgage approval process, have you considered the cost of all of the other expenses associated with home ownership?

Demystifying Whole Life Premiums

by Jared White on Nov 27, 2018

Critics of whole life insurance point to the higher premiums these plans require and the inflexibility of the payment schedule, however, when the structure and features of whole life insurance are fully understood, a fair-minded person would see that it offers affordability and flexibility along with unmatched long term security.  When whole life premiums are clearly explained, it becomes