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Financial Management Tips

by Jared White on Dec 21, 2018

There are a variety of financial management tools and applications available today that can be used to help you manage your money. From software applications to phone apps, there’s no shortage of help available.

Unfortunately, those apps and software programs can only do what you set them up to do. And all the apps and software products in the world will make no difference in your financial situation if you don’t do the following:

Should I Own Life Insurance On Others?

by Jared White on Dec 20, 2018

The primary reason most people own life insurance is to ensure that their loved ones will have the means to replace lost income and pay for their financial obligations in the event of their premature death.  In fact, life insurance is a critical financial tool in any circumstance in which the premature death of an individual could result in a financial hardship on another.

The Biggest Risk You Probably Haven’t Covered

by Jared White on Dec 14, 2018

Face it, life happens, most often beyond your control, and it can sometimes produce some unexpected illnesses or injuries that can potentially disrupt your ability to keep your income flowing. In fact, the most valuable asset that most people have is their ability to earn an income. Yet for many people, it’s the one asset that they haven’t protected.

10 Ways to Save Money

by Jared White on Dec 13, 2018

While it may not seem so, there are a lot of painless ways to save money. Not just for those who have a limited cash flow, but also for those with plenty of surplus cash who will appreciate ways to cut back on monetary waste.

Here are just a few things you can do to save:

Donation Details

by Jared White on Dec 12, 2018

Donating money to our favorite charitable organization is a year-end ritual for many of us. While monthly giving has gained in popularity in recent years, most of us still tend to open up our wallets just a bit wider at the end of the year.

But what about the organization that we’re giving to? What are they required to do once they receive our donation?  If you’re unsure, here’s a quick run-down of what you should expect.

Keys to Successful Debt Management

by Jared White on Dec 11, 2018

Perhaps the most encouraging outcome of the latest recession is the increasing emphasis on debt reduction by most Americans.  We are borrowing less and saving more, and, hopefully, developing some more frugal habits that can lead to healthier finances in the future.  Still, many people continue to struggle with their debt.  It takes a firm commitment and a lot of discipline, but